A Relic of the Past

Session 1

The Mission

Fastday, 1844 Rain 5th

D’Jango lands upon the shores of Potterstead and briefly checks out the town by way of chatting up a fish monger at the port. The fish monger indicates that the Rolling Leaf is an inn/tavern his sister works at and could be a good resting place. There appears to be a heavy city watch presence, though none of the guardsmen D’Jango interacts with seem to think anything is amiss or more troublesome than normal. The tower guard at the gate has zero idea about people leaving his gate.

Django makes it to hermitage without issue and exchanges the secret greeting with Vayol. And thus they are bound in their journey to Baleton.

The drunken Durnoth, the dwarven hermitage keeper, is of few words but seemingly hospitable to newcomers. Vayol relates that his mission was from the Iris of Baleton – a high ranking official in matters of law and religion, knowledge of the Church of the Vigilant Eye.

In the middle of the night, a small group of bandits are quickly dispatched with mace, fist, and psychological warfare. 2 of 3 are unconscious and 1 flees.

A horde’s worth of treasure is upon them:

  • Light crossbow (Vayol)
  • Oil of slipperiness
  • Potion of growth
  • +1 bolts (20)
  • Potion of greater healing
  • 2 gems
    • Moonstone (50gp)
    • Carnelian (50gp)


Theoremancer Theoremancer

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