A Relic of the Past

Session 3

The Inn Crowd

Soberday, 1844 Rain 6th

While lying paralyzed on the docks, D’Jango and Vayol drift off to sleep. They are awakened shortly thereafter by the fishmonger that D’Jango met the day before. He introduces himself as Gus Welker and offers to take them to The Rolling Leaf Inn where they can rest and stay dry from the storm.

The poison has worn off. Falco’s ship is nowhere to be found. While Gus leads the two halflings to the inn, they discover that Falco also stole their gems but fortunately not their potions.

It has already started to rain, and the wind is picking up. The Rolling Leaf Inn is mostly empty this early in the morning. The party members reluctantly relinquish their weapons and spell component pouches. Tessa Welker, the inn’s proprietor, has food and two private rooms prepared, and Gus covers the costs.

After a rest, the halflings wake to find the inn full of sailors who are waiting for the storm to blow over. D’Jango tries to win over the crowd and find passage to Baleton with mixed results. He also learns that several shipments from the north are late. Meanwhile, a young elven woman (~80 years old, the equivalent of a human teenager) watches the festivities with a look of concern. Tess tells Vayol that her name is Aerifyn Vawaryn, the daughter of two “insufferable wizards” who vacation in Potterstead. He approaches. She introduces herself as “Rif” and nervously explains that her parents are missing, then brushes past him to address the room, pleading for help.

Rif’s parents had left town a few days prior, she explains, with the local guide Erathar. They’d gone on similar excursions with him many times before and assured Rif they would return to Potterstead and depart for their home in Baleton before the storm hit. They are late, and Rif is desperate for help. Vayol recalls that the captured bandit had mentioned hostages at their base in the nearby foothills.

Instead of receiving sympathy, Rif is assaulted by a seedy patron and angrily defends herself with Shocking Grasp. He collapses. A hush falls on the room as the unconscious patron’s friends stand up and surround Rif…


Theoremancer Theoremancer

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