A Relic of the Past

Session 5

The Bandits' Cave

Soberday, 1844 Rain 6th

The party makes their way into the cave, with Rif leading the way as the only one capable of seeing. She relays what she sees in the first room: weapon racks and a door to the right, and ahead silhouettes of several archways into a larger central room. They enter the door to the right. It is a dimly-lit kitchen.

The kitchen looks to be recently used, but there is no one inside. Rif casts light on a ladel to illuminate the room, which the party explores. They find the remains of a book in the oven. Rif recognizes it as one of her father’s spellbooks. Now she is sure he’s here. They also find some expensive-looking silverware and a wine cellar—also unoccupied.

Moving through the kitchen, they come to another large room filled with tables and benches. It’s also dark, and it connects to the central room. Vayol, still with his detect magic up, senses a powerful magical circle in the central room, radiating enchantment magic. The group maneuvers around it, crossing to the other side past and back into the room with the weapon racks and toward two more doors in the dark. They find racks of armor as well. Among them are Potterstead town guard uniforms. They hear someone snoring on the other side of the door.

D’Jango clumsily knocks one of the armor racks over, waking the sleeping person. He opens the door, sleepily scolds whoever woke him, and returns to his bed. At this point, Vayol considers identifying some items, but Rif becomes impatient and storms into the room to find out where her father is. The halflings rush in after her.

The fight is over before it starts. D’Jango recognizes the man as the one who slew their prisoner the previous night. One well-placed stab later (“Ow. OW!”), and he’s more interested in talking than dying. He reveals that there are two other occupants: the jailer and their boss Ona. He begs the party to protect him from her.


Theoremancer Theoremancer

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