A Relic of the Past

Session 6

Ona Gets Owned

Soberday, 1844 Rain 6th

Before being tied up and gagged, the party’s prisoner shares one last detail: the jailer likes to torture people. Rif is alarmed at this and urges the party forward.

According to the map, there appears to be a wing for the jail and a smaller chamber where Ona stays. The party heads for the jail. Once again, Rif barges in, opening fire at the surprised jailer with chromatic orb, her most potent spell. However, it misses. D’Jango follows up with sleep, ending the fight quietly.

They drag the sleeping jailer into one of the cells and lock it. They discover a few dead bodies in other cells as well as two barely-alive elves: Rif’s parents. Vayol revives them both with magic and a potion. Rif’s mother is incredulous before she is appreciative. The jailer wakes up and screams for Ona. They hear heavy footfalls outside.

D’Jango leaps behind the jailer’s desk, taking aim at the door. Rif’s mother Lythie grabs her daughter’s bow, and she and Vayol aim down the jail’s hallway. The extremely beefy jailer grabs Rif through the bars and begins pulling the bars out of the wall as he chokes her. Upon opening the door, Ona is peppered with bolts and arrows. She closes to melee with Vayol, then proceeds down the hallway. Rif’s parents are pretty worthless in battle, despite their best efforts. Still, Ona is set upon from all sides and falls. The jailer tosses the heavy bars onto the weakened Vawaryn family and attacks Vayol also. D’Jango puts a bolt through his throat.

Veluar laments his involvement in the events leading up to this, explaining he had hired Ona to guard the cave and keep people away from what he believed to be a dangerous magical site. He explains his intention to ward the cave magically while he returns to Baleton to research it. The party asks for passage to Baleton, which Veluar happily agrees. “We owe you our very lives. Of course!”

The Vawaryns will need a few days to recover and pack, giving the party a bit of downtime. They ransack Ona’s vault and spend the time identifying their magical items.


Level 2!

Session 6
Theoremancer Theoremancer

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