A Relic of the Past

Session 7

Underway to Baleton

Soberday, 1844 Rain 6th

The two halflings find a key on Ona‘s body and make their way to her chamber. It features ornate furniture, a small stockpile of weapons and armor, a wardrobe full of nice clothing, and a large iron door set into the far wall. This is in contrast to the rest of the cave, which featured fairly ramshackle furnishings. Ona’s key opens the vault, and inside they find three chests. Vayol takes the time to identify their contents:

  • A sword wrapped in white silk (Rapier, +1)
  • A wand wrapped in black silk (Wand of the War Mage, +1)
  • Scroll case containing a scroll of Warding Bond
  • Goggles of the Night

They make their way back to town. Vayol, acting on the authority of his church with holy symbol on display, has taken the lone survivor prisoner. The guards at the gate summon the lieutenant (the next ranking officer after Captain Tesh), who takes the party’s prisoner into custody.

The Vawaryns offer the party the use of the guest rooms in their home.

Almsday, 1844 Rain 7th

Veluar recovers at home. The Vawaryns’ servants begin packing their belongings and loading it onto their yacht.

Vayol probably deals with some judicial proceedings and other administrative junk. The prisoner from the cave confesses. Vayol also identifies the items found earlier: Oil of slipperiness, potion of growth, potions of healing (x4), and a potion of poison (which is pretty powerful).

D’Jango scopes out the town and finds a tavern/brothel called the Bitter Kiss. They’re decidedly disinterested in his musical talents.

The PCs apply their level-up.

Loneday, 1844 Rain 8th

While Lythie oversees the final preparations for travel, Veluar gathers a few scrolls and heads back to the cave to seal it. The halflings accompany him to make sure there’s no trouble. His first attempt to use a Stone Shape scroll fails, but his second attempt succeeds. He molds the stone around the entrance to close it. During the walk back, he asks Vayol if he could see the Baleton Grand Library’s private collection (the works that have yet to be copied). Vayol gives him hope without promising anything, knowing it could ruffle some feathers. Before they make it back to town, Veluar collapses. With help, they make it to the mansion, and Veluar’s footman helps him onto the wagon and conveys the group to the waiting yacht.

Veluar is taken to his quarters on deck 2 immediately. Lythie gives a brief tour of the ship (two masts, 3 decks, a whale oil engine, crew of 3 – shipmaster, first mate, engineer) and then goes to be with her husband. Veluar’s personal physician is in Baleton, so the crew is eager to be underway. The ship departs Potterstead. The first mate estimates the trip will take about two weeks.

Truesday, 1844 Rain 9th

Smooth sailing.

Zealday, 1844 Rain 10th

Smooth sailing.

Peaceday, 1844 Rain 11th

Lythie hasn’t left Veluar’s side. Elves don’t sleep anyway, but she also isn’t trancing. She looks exhausted.

Rif takes a break from sitting with her ailing father and visits the top deck. She leans against the railing, alone, using Prestidigitation to distract herself.

Fastday, 1844 Rain 12th

The ship passes by a body in the water. The gnome engineer has rigged up a harness to lower someone to fetch the body, and he’s prepared a funeral pyre for burial at sea because “It’s the right thing to do.” After an awkward game of “Not-It,” the first mate reluctantly volunteers to retrieve the body. The corpse is that of a half-orc, with bruises and cuts from battle. The party recognizes it as one of Falco’s crew. It’s been in the water about two days.

Falco had a three-day head start. Assuming the body hasn’t drifted far, they’re only two days behind, meaning they’ve caught up to him by one day. (They surmise that this larger vessel was able to take a more direct route across open water instead of hugging the shore.) At this rate, they should overtake Falco before he reaches Baleton. However, they don’t share their goal with anyone else.

The engineer douses the pyre with a bit of whale oil, and Vayol lights it with Sacred Flame. A column of black smoke issues forth.

Soberday, 1844 Rain 13th

Early that morning, another body. It’s the other half-orc from Falco’s crew. This one is in worse shape—his leg was severed by a large blade which cut through the femur—and it appears he went in the water at the same time as the first body. The wounds are obviously from combat and not an execution. Besides his wounds, there is discoloration around the mouth and nose, which Vayol ascribes to poison. Also, something about this orc’s teeth remind Vayol of the sadistic jailer from the cave. Perhaps they were related? Another pyre is prepared and lit.

The party discusses what this means. Falco can handle his ship by himself, but he’ll be slower.

The shipmaster and the first mate get into an argument about whether to alter course. Veluar’s health is on the shipmaster’s mind, and he intends to stay on their present course. The first mate, meanwhile, has already charted an alternative that will take a little longer and avoid what he fears is danger on their present course. The party, wanting to catch Falco, sides with the shipmaster to stay on the present course. Vayol assures the first mate that he and D’Jango are capable warriors and can handle any trouble that comes their way.

Famous last words.


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