Falco Burrows

Django's former handler, stole the relic


Falco’s wiry frame sits like a compressed spring, motionless yet ready to jump at a moment’s notice. His narrow, bright green eyes, on the other hand, are rarely still. He keeps his black hair short with sideburns and a dense, well-trimmed goatee.

Despite the seeming restlessness, Falco is shrewd, deliberate, and fiercely loyal. He is most relaxed at sea, when the wind is at his back. He is captain of a small cutter, The Silvered Crest, which also serves as his mobile base of operations.


Falco was born in Dunwall. He spent his youth working on a whaling vessel where he learned to handle both a ship and a blade with surgical precision. He joined the the Hand around the age of 30 and has now spent 30 years among their ranks. He has a reputation for clean wetwork but is very selective about those jobs.

Falco Burrows

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