Lythie Vawaryn

Rif's mother, Veluar's wife


Lythie is a retired professor of illusion from Baleton. She met her husband Veluar during their tenure there. They have one daughter, Aerifyn. Now the two spend their retirement traveling and studying magical oddities together.

According to Lythie, magic is best understood through repeatable experimentation. It follows rules, and understanding those rules is the source of power. This is, perhaps, an overcorrection for the reputation that illusion magic usually has. Unsurprisingly, she also relies on the established rules of etiquette to exercise her social power. She is suspicious by nature.

Lythie is strict with her daughter, refusing to use the abbreviated name “Rif” and using illusions to hide Rif’s “superfluous embellishments” (i.e. her dyed hair) in public. She pushes Rif to pursue the disciplined study of wizardry rather than cultivating sorcery. However, at Veluar’s urging, she tolerates Rif’s practice as “merely a phase.”

Lythie Vawaryn

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