Veluar Vawaryn

Rif's father, Lythie's husband


Veluar is a retired professor of conjuration from Baleton. He met his wife Lythie during their tenure there. They have one daughter, Aerifyn. Now the two spend their retirement traveling and studying magical oddities together.

According to Veluar, magic is best understood through experience. Research is stepping stone to getting your hands dirty. He’s learned caution with unfamiliar magic through hard-earned experience. This caution doesn’t yet extend to his social interactions. Veluar is good-natured and quick to make friends, if a bit naive.

Veluar is lenient with Rif, encouraging her to experience magic in whatever way makes it most meaningful to her and trusting that she’ll follow in her parents’ footsteps to academia in her own time.

Veluar Vawaryn

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