A Relic of the Past

Session 17
An Audacious Dying Wish

Truesday, 1844 Rain 23rd

Vawaryn Estate, Baleton

  • Vayol and D’Jango stay with Rif and her family in the guest suites at the family estate.
  • A package arrives at the Vawaryn Estate containing a letter to Vayol:

Brother Falorin,
If this missive reaches you, waste no time mourning my death. The ranks of the Church have been infiltrated by Roathian heretics. No doubt their goal is to bring about a second Great Burning, setting civilization back millennia. I trusted you with their talisman, and your isolation has kept you free from their influence. Now I charge you, by the Axiom, to continue my work of rooting them out and foiling their plans.
However, this must be done from outside the Church. I know not where the loyalties of the other Irises lie, and the High Pupil has been sequestered 20 years now. Exercise wisdom and keep your circle small. Regrettably, in times such as these, Knowledge is most potent in a sea of ignorance. Retrieve the contents of the Library vault before my successor discovers them.
Belief and truth,
Edwin Price, Iris of Baleton
P.S. Hand Contract 86177 is declared completed and paid in full. See enclosed.

  • Also enclosed in the package:
    • Two iron keys bound with a leather strap with a slip of paper encircling them.
      • The paper reads: “Turned in turn, flesh will burn. Jointly spun splits the sun.”
    • A small sack containing 150 platinum pieces.
  • Rif elects to stay with her family for now, given recent events.
  • Vayol plans to head over to the Grand Temple of Baleton to get an idea of where the vault is and what kind of security is in place.
  • D’Jango looks to hire a thief and/or meat shield.

The Bloated Bowel Tavern

  • D’Jango finds exactly what he’s looking for in the mysterious mercenary “Shadow” (Zora). D’Jango offers 25 gp. Zorra counters 30.
  • A half-orc interjects, harassing D’Jango about the job.
  • D’Jango agrees to pay 30 if Zora can deal with the half-orc. She proves herself by easily slaying the half-orc.
    • Seriously, two critical hits in one fight?

Grand Temple Library of Baleton

  • Vayol has been to this library before. He served as a scribe there in his early days and was here recently researching Veluar’s ailment. The ground floor and its upper level are open to the public. The private collection is in the basement. Scribes labor away, and a concierge welcomes Vayol.
  • While he’s there, he does a bit of research on the lesion on his arm, the one he received when he was bit by a gibbering mouther. He learns about a theory of an axiomatic/anarchic dipole running through the planet. The location of the axiomatic pole is known (near Potterstead), and the anarchic pole is believed to be on Pandyssia. The Church of the Vigilant Eye funded two expeditions there, but neither returned.
  • He also lingers a bit too long near the vault and is scrutinized by another cleric Elias.
  • Despite all this, Vayol is able to produce a fairly accurate map of the lower level. He also learns that the security and lighting run off of electricity.

Vawaryn Estate

  • The group decides to try to cut power to the library after dark.
  • Vayol wants to buy supplies.
Session 16
Thoughts in Chaos

Soberday, 1844 Rain 20th

Vawaryn Estate, Baleton

With the orb in hand, Dr. Suterre explains the ritual to the party. First, he will separate Veluar‘s soul from his body. Normally, that kills someone, but the orb anchors the spirit and keeps it from drifting into the afterlife. Next, he’ll need to repair the damage to the soul. What form that will take he isn’t sure. Usually it’s a twisted projection of some formative moment from the subject’s life, so it’s important to have those familiar with the subject present. Finally, he’ll need to restore the imbalance that caused the damage in the first place.

Vayol had learned that Veluar was experiencing an imbalance of law and chaos. Some source of chaos is needed to draw from. While Rif‘s wild magic is briefly considered, it happens that both Vayol and D’Jango had been bitten by the gibbering mouthers, and each has a roiling, chaotic growth on his body. So one of them could be cured by this ritual as well.

There’s one catch, Dr. Suterre explains. The orb draws spirits indiscriminately. Any loose spirits around the city will also be drawn, and their intermingling with Veluar’s soul could irreversibly change Veluar in an unpredictable way.

The ritual begins. Dr. Suterre, Rif, and Lythie focus their efforts on the ritual while Vayol and D’Jango fend off the spirits. A scene from Veluar’s memory—the birth of his daughter Rif—is projected above the group. It’s broken into 12 pieces, and they are out of order. The three ritual celebrants work to restore the memory. Lythie was, of course, present for the birth, so she is able to provide beginning/middle/end structure to the memory. However, complications during the birth required Veluar to intervene magically, and she’s not as familiar with the sequence of those scenes.

Meanwhile, shades pour through the walls. They float slowly toward the center of the room, and the two halflings have their hands full. Magic seems to work well, as well as D’Jango’s magical rapier. Vayol uses Turn Undead to send a group of the shades away. Rif takes a break from the ritual to blast a few herself, at the expense of forward progress on the restoration. When there is a lull in the influx of shades, the halflings contribute to restoring the scenes from Veluar’s memory to the proper order.

One spirit does make it through and destroys one of the scenes utterly. By luck, the lost scene was not key to the memory’s continuity.

At the end, the restored memory plays out, showing how Rif acquired her sorcerous powers. Attempting a sort of magical cesarean section using planar magic, Veluar failed and lost his daughter. She spent nearly two years drifting through the Far Realms in a stasis bubble before Veluar was able to track her down and bring her back.

At this point, Vayol insists that D’Jango be healed of the bite from the skirmish at Potter’s Cove. Dr. Suterre is able to draw the chaos out, restore balance to Veluar’s soul, and put it back in his body. The glow of the orb fades, and Veluar’s eyes flutter open.

Dr. Suterre quietly takes his leave as the family celebrates. Lythie comes to an understanding with Rif about her power and how she practices it. Veluar gives his eternal gratitude to Vayol and D’Jango.

Session 15
Research and Development

Soberday, 1844 Rain 20th

The Dreamer’s Wake arrives in Baleton. The talk of the town is the recent and mysterious death of the Iris of Baleton. D’Jango’s payday will have to wait.

The Vawaryns’ servants begin unloading the ship while the family gathers in the parlor. Veluar, unable to speak, is reclining on a couch. Lythie summons his personal physician. The physician can’t help him. Vayol suspected as much when the ailment started reaching more advanced stages. However, a local necromancer owes Lythie a favor. She calls it in.

D’Jango and Rif stay with the family to wait for this necromancer while Vayol visits the Grand Library Temple. The Grand Librarian Iris is indeed dead. One of the Pilgrim Irises is set to come in and act as interim until the High Pupil appoints a replacement. He’s expected to arrive in a few days and lead the investigation into the other Iris’s death.

While he’s there, Vayol performs research at the Grand Library. His two main questions are about what ails Veluar and details about the relic. The Library’s vast resources and supurb organization make this quick work.

Regarding Veluar: He learns that Veluar’s ailment is “axiomatic” in nature. The usual balance of law and chaos has been disrupted, and he is tipping increasingly toward law. An influx of chaos administered correctly could restore the balance.

Regarding the Relic: He finds vague references to ancient talismans, some more than 1000 years old. He hits a dead end though when he finds references to works that aren’t present in the Library.

When Vayol returns to the Vawaryn estate, the necromancer Erit Suterre is explaining that Veluar’s ailment is indeed spiritual in nature. He needs a magical item from his lab to proceed with diagnosis and treatment. Unfortunately, an experiment gone wrong has barred him from the lab. The party agrees to investigate, and he leads them to his lab at the Collegia Magicka campus.

The windows are boarded up and covered with thick curtains. Erit explains that sunlight disrupts his experiments. There is also an inky mist filling the laboratory. Erit’s experiment was tied to his own life essence, and he created a negative energy field that can draw his life essence from his body. The orb in the center of the lab is the source of the field. “It only affects me,” he explains. “All you have to do is go in and deactivate the orb. The process is magical, and you’ll understand how the orb works when you touch it. I can’t enter the lab until the field is disrupted.”

The party slowly enters the lab, which is made up of several rooms connected by wide hallways. They feel no effects from the field. As they make their way toward the orb, they note the stalled dissections of cadavers in several of the rooms.

Rif reaches the orb and touches it. Immediately, she understands that this orb is like a Pearl of Power, a magical item that can store magical energy. At that moment, the cadavers in the lab start to move.

Vayol and D’Jango fend off the zombies while Rif pours spell slots into the orb. Each time she does, the orb’s color becomes lighter, and the negative energy field field shrinks. She takes a break to shoot a fire bolt at the zombies when it’s clear that D’Jango is overwhelmed. From outside the room, hearing the battle, Erit shrieks, “Don’t hurt them!” It’s not clear if he’s talking to the party or the zombies.

After loading the orb with several spell slots, Rif manages to dispel the negative energy field entirely, and the zombies crumble to dust. The party gives the orb to Erit, who accompanies them back to the Vawaryn estate.

Session 14
Enter the Dragon

Almsday, 1844 Rain 14th

Midday, Potter’s Cove beach

Having done something with Vayol‘s relic, the gibbering mouther begins to retreat. Vayol and D’Jango close in on it, pressing their attack. The mouther grabs at Falco and starts to phase away. He seems surprised by this development. They cut it down, saving Falco from whatever fate the creature had in mind.

Rif’s Reduce Person potion wears off, and the party knows the dragon will arrive at any moment. Everyone hides. Falco makes a dash for the crevice, and everyone else runs into the forest.

The green dragon lands on the beach. With its wings folded, it is about the size of a horse. A line of spines start at its forehead and continue down its back to the tip of its tail. The spines are shortest at each end, but the longer spines form a tall crest on its head and neck. Translucent skin stretches between the spines, forming a sort of dorsal sail. Similar skin stretches between all of the dragons digits, most prominently in its wings but also as webbing on its hands and feet. This dragon is at home in the air or underwater.

The dragon investigates the bodies of the mouthers and also finds the remnants of Jerrosh’s equipment. It closely investigates the footprints in the sand, deducing the number of combatants and their whereabouts. It shouts into the forest, bidding the visitors to show themselves, promising no harm will come to them.

Vayol and D’Jango emerge and speak with the dragon. Rif remembers stories of green dragons having a particular fascination with elves and stays hidden.

The dragon introduces himself as Undazudrir, “the ruler of this cove and future emperor of Gristol.” He is derisive of Jerrosh, calling him a fool, but demands to know how he died. Undazudrir engages the party in conversation for several minutes. He basks in their compliments, however insincere they may be. Since D’Jango presents himself as the leader, Undazudrir prods the bard to demonstrate his storytelling skills by recounting Jerrosh’s death with creative embellishments. D’Jango, perhaps intimidated, fails to impress. “How then will you spread the rumors of my terrible reign?” Undazudrir asks rhetorically.

Suddenly, the dragon catches a whiff of something. He calls out into the woods again, sensing the presence of an elf. “Even high elves have the scent of the Wilds on them. How wild are you, little one?”

Rif emerges. The dragon asks what has brought them to the shores. Rif, for her part, is completely honest. She tells Undazudrir that her parents are sick and that Jerrosh had damaged their ship, delaying their voyage to Baleton. Vayol and D’Jango say they are escorting the family, mentioning nothing about the relic. (The relic, for its part, whispers to Vayol to command the dragon.)

Undazudrir shows mocking concern and takes the opportunity bully Rif, asking, “How would you live with yourself if something were to happen to them?”

At that, Vayol scolds the dragon harshly, saying that no decent ruler treats its subjects or its visitors in such a way. The dragon becomes furious and seems ready to unleash its poison breath on him, but Vayol continues undeterred, telling a story of an ancient dragon whose life was ended when its abused followers rebelled and slew it. Undazudrir is so shocked by this boldness, he chuckles and remarks that Vayol should be the leader, not D’Jango.

The dragon demands that D’Jango swear fealty to him and kiss his ring (a bronze bracelet with a large red gemstone). When D’Jango’s lips touch the gem, Undazudrir grabs him and hisses, “Jerrosh, despite his many failures, brought in 500 gold per month for my hoard. His duty now passes to you.” D’Jango makes a smart remark, and the dragon just squeezes him until he agrees. (Meanwhile, the relic is practically screaming in Vayol’s mind that he has the authority to command this dragon. He chooses not to though.)

The dragon announces he is bored now, repeats the charge with the threat that he’ll track them down if they fail to deliver, and flies off.

With a sigh of relief, the party discusses whether they’ll take their longboat or Falco’s clipper back to the Dreamer’s Wake. After deciding to go with Falco, they find he’s not in the cave. He must’ve sneaked away during the encounter with the dragon. They find him attempting repairs to his ship, and he agrees to take them to theirs. Falco is pretty disturbed by all this occult stuff. When Vayol decides to keep the sending stone for study, Falco decides to go a separate way to try to lie low.

Loneday, 1844 Rain 15th

Rainy. Smooth sailing.

During the journey to Baleton, Vayol studies Falco’s Sending Stone. He recognizes two unique properties about it. First, its endpoint is outside of this plane, which is unusual for a Sending Stone. In fact, the endpoint goes outside of any known plane, into the Far Realms or beyond. Second, whoever initiates a conversation with this stone reveals their exact location to whoever is on the other side. (Later, he discovers that it’s called a Void Stone.)

Truesday, 1844 Rain 16th

Rainy. Smooth sailing.

Zealday, 1844 Rain 17th

Rainy. Smooth sailing.

Peaceday, 1844 Rain 18th

Foggy in the morning. Overcast. Smooth sailing.

Fastday, 1844 Rain 19th


Soberday, 1844 Rain 20th

Overcast. The Dreamer’s Wake arrives in Baleton.

Session 13
Cut Short

Almsday, 1844 Rain 14th

Midday, Potter’s Cove beach

The dragon is still a way’s off, but Vayol is bleeding out on the beach, and the mouther is zealously seeking this relic.

Vayol fails a death save (1/3). D’Jango makes a bee-line for Jerrosh‘s gear. Rif starts firing arrows into the remaining gibbering mouther. Falco just watches. Vayol’s Sanctuary spell repels the mouther for one round.

Vayol succeeds at a death save (1/3). D’Jango grabs some potions and a ring from the pile of equipment Jerrosh left behind. Rif continues firing arrows. Still, Falco just watches. The mouther takes Vayol’s pack and starts removing items, looking for the relic.

Vayol succeeds at a death save (2/3). D’Jango rushes back toward Vayol with potions in hand. Rif continues firing. Falco bides his time. The mouther empties Vayol’s pack onto the sand, still looking for the relic.

Vayol fails at a death save (2/3). D’Jango moves closer to Vayol and hits the mouther with Dissonant Whispers, hoping to drive it away. Falco smirks. “Discord is home for these things.” It’s barely affected. Rif grabs a healing potion from D’Jango and administers it to Vayol. Falco moves a little closer to the action but stays out of the way. The mouther finds the relic.

Vayol is on his feet and draws his weapon. D’Jango moves to surround the creature, trudging through the warping ground. Rif keeps her distance and throws a Firebolt at the mouther, but it misses its mark. The runes on the jawbone’s surface glow a bright red, as do the eyes of the mouther. It rushes toward Falco, provoking opportunity attacks from both Vayol and D’Jango.

It was at this point we were interrupted and had to stop the game. :(

Session 12
No Escape

Almsday, 1844 Rain 14th

Midday, Potter’s Cove beach

One of the gibbering mouthers finishes absorbing Jerrosh’s body. His good eye and his mouth join the chorus as his flesh melds with the quivering mass. His equipment lies in a heap on the sand.

D’Jango casts Tasha’s Hideous Laughter on Falco, hoping to slow him down so the party can escape. The spell takes hold, and D’Jango withdraws from the closest mouther, which has already been injured. It chases after him, and while it is not close enough to attack, its reality-warping aura extends to the ground beneath D’Jango. His feet sink into the sand up to his ankles. He can’t pull himself free. He draws his rapier and prepares to defend himself from the mouther. Rif tries casting sleep, but it fails to affect either of the mouthers.

The injured mouther lunges at D’Jango. He slashes at it but is struck down under a wave of razor teeth. Falco, now free of the spell, screams “No!” and charges toward the mouther, sword drawn. It moves onto D’Jango’s unconscious body. Rif hits it with an icy chromatic orb, but it is undeterred.

Vayol pulls out the relic. It gets the mouthers’ attention. They stop attacking but enviously guard the dying D’Jango. They gibber at each other and motion at Falco. Falco steps forward. Rif and Vayol understand that the mouthers are having Falco speak for them.

“D’Jango is their leverage. They want to read whatever is written on that jawbone. They’ll kill him if you don’t give them what they want. Neither of us wants that. Just let them touch it. You can keep it and go on to Baleton.”

Vayol weighs the life of D’Jango against whatever vile acts these beings will perform with the forbidden knowledge on the relic. He refuses, rushing toward D’Jango and feeding him his last healing potion. D’Jango’s eyes open suddenly and Vayol pulls him to his feet. Falco slashes the injured mouther, hoping to distract it enough to let D’Jango escape. It works; the mouther bites back at him but he dodges away. Rif tags the mouther with an arrow from a safe distance.

Falco shoves D’Jango away. Vayol administers a Potion of Enlarge Person to D’Jango, which makes it more likely he’ll escape the reality-warping effects. Then Vayol retreats toward the water, as the mouthers move to surround him. He stows the relic in his pack.

D’Jango grabs Falco and retreats. D’Jango draws his sword to defend Vayol, but Falco stops him. “You’re crazy to close to melee again.” D’Jango hesitates, fighting the urge to exact vengeance on the creature that nearly killed him.

Rif hits the injured mouther with another chromatic orb, finally killing it. The other mouther, which is still at peak health, closes in on Vayol. D’Jango and Rif watch helplessly as it bites Vayol and he collapses onto the beach.

In the distance, everyone hears a dragon roar and the heavy flapping of its leathery wings…

Session 11
To the Death

Almsday, 1844 Rain 14th

The party debates a few options of how to deal with Falco and Jerrosh. They don’t really trust either one.

Falco is content to wait in the cave, and D’Jango doesn’t want to kill his mentor, who seemed to have his interests in mind. Falco’s Sending Stone continues to pulse with a faint green light, a reminder that there is limited time before his reinforcements arrive.

Vayol won’t leave without the relic, which Jerrosh (probably) has. Rif is irritated with Jerrosh for slowing down their return to Baleton where her father can receive care. They’ve repelled Jerrosh twice now, and they feel they would have an advantage on land, even without Falco’s help.

Eventually, they decide to confirm Falco’s story by asking Jerrosh about the item his kobolds took. D’Jango suggests not revealing the item’s value, as the dragonborn may try to use that against them. Rif decides to pretend it has sentimental value to Falco and that he won’t come out of the cave without it.

When they emerge from the crevice, they see that Jerrosh has worn a spot on the sand by pacing. He also has some friends of his own: three winged kobolds perching on the huge rocks jutting out of the sand. He demands to know what took so long and why they haven’t brought “the one who shamed [him]” out of the crevice.

Rif sticks to the script, and Jerrosh suspects nothing. He’s had the relic—a humanoid jawbone—hanging by a strap on his belt as a sort of trophy. He hands it to Vayol. It feels hot to the touch and has symbols carved into it—something to investigate later. Jerrosh grows more impatient. “Lead that dog out here with his bone, and I’ll have my revenge.”

As the group heads back into the cave, Vayol is the first to notice some unusual signs. The sand is dry, but it gives under his foot as if it’s wet. The stone wall deforms under his hand and is then solid. These effects become more pronounced and noticeable to everyone in the party as they move deeper into the cave. They see a green pulsing light ahead of them where Falco is, now bright enough to fill the space and overcome the light of Falco’s small campfire. Vayol suspects that Falco’s reinforcements will arrive imminently. Rif feels her stomach lurch, as often accompanies her Wild Magic Surge, only this is continuous.

They retreat from the cave. As they near the exit, they hear Jerrosh cursing after his kobolds, calling them cowards. The unusual effects are present and obvious outside the cave also. As the party emerges, Jerrosh notices they still don’t have Falco with them. His rage is singularly focused on them. He has been abandoned by his followers, shamed by a halfling he can’t reach, and is in the middle of some kind of chaotic effect he doesn’t understand. He attacks, catching the whole party in a poison cloud he coughs up.

Jerrosh fights with reckless abandon. He lands a few hits and mostly ignores the physical attacks of the party. As fight goes on, eyes and mouths and eyes within mouths and mouths within mouths appear on rock faces and sand. Two gibbering mouthers emerge from the earth. They attack everyone indiscriminately.

Rif falls back and casts a spell. Her Wild Magic triggers, causing her hair to fall out. (Don’t worry, Megan. It will grow back in 24 hours.)

Jerrosh crits Vayol, dropping him, and drops Rif with his next attack. D’Jango casts dissonant whispers on Jerrosh, causing him to flee toward one of the mouthers. It lashes out at his leg, and he goes down. It immediately begins devouring the dragonborn, merging his flesh with its own, popping off his equipment from the inside, like a banana being squeezed out of its peel.

The other mouther attacks an unconscious Vayol, putting him on death’s doorstep. D’Jango administers a healing potion to Vayol and pulls him to his feet.

At this point, Falco emerges from the crevice and the mouther stops attacking. He extends a hand toward it, and it pets itself against him like an affectionate cat. (The mouther consuming Jerrosh continues doing so.) Falco instructs the mouther to take the knowledge it came for, and it eyes Vayol. Falco tells Vayol to let it touch the relic and they can be on their way.

Vayol, not about to risk parting with the relic he just recovered, casts sanctuary on himself, retreats with D’Jango, then casts healing word on Rif to get her on her feet.


Session 10
Thieves and Liars

Soberday, 1844 Rain 13th

Having struck a deal with Jerrosh, the dragonborn marauder, to bring Falco out of hiding so he can exact revenge, the party rests briefly while the engineer of the Dreamer’s Wake assesses the damage. Most of the crew, especially the engineer, are not pleased with the party making deals with this dragonborn who attacked the ship twice. The delays could cost Veluar his life.

The engineer estimates he can salvage a replacement rudder and steering column from other ships and have the repairs done in about a day. The group will set out with Jerrosh in the morning. They have time to rest and prepare. Rif fetches an item from the cargo hold.

Almsday, 1844 Rain 14th

The next morning, Vayol prepares spells for battle. Jerrosh is waiting on a sandbar, helps the group pull their longboat above the high tide mark, and leads them along the beach. He looks well-rested and well-armed. He is taking a fairly direct route to the crevice where Falco is holed up, which sometimes means cutting through parts of the forest. During one of these shortcuts, the group happens upon a giant spider. It restrains Jerrosh with its webbing, then disappears into the trees above them. Jerrosh breaks out easily and starts shopping down tree branches. The rest of the group draws weapons and prepares to fire when they see it again. Vayol separates from the group slightly, hoping to make himself a target (as he has the best chance to withstand attacks and poisons). While doing this, he instructs Jerrosh to continue bushwhacking toward the clearing ahead. The plan works; the spider drops suddenly from the dense tree canopy onto Vayol, and while Vayol is bitten, he suffers no ill effects from the spider’s poison. Everyone focuses fire on the spider and withdraws up the path Jerrosh makes through the underbrush. Rif’s chromatic orb burns away the tree branches, and the spider drops to the forest floor. D’Jango is distracted by a desire to draw his sword, and his crossbow shots miss their mark. Vayol closes to melee and heals himself, delivering another blow but suffering a second bite. Rif, enlightened by true strike, finishes the vermin off with a critical hit from her longbow.

Jerrosh is embarrassed and angry. Not only has he been rebuffed twice by this group of mostly halflings, he’s now been saved by them. His pace quickens, and he’s even more eager to have his revenge on the one who took his eye, Falco.

They reach the cave, and they see Falco’s ship, the Silvered Crest, has run aground nearby. Jerrosh reminds them, “You bring him out here, I’ll have my revenge, and then we’ll settle our business.” The group is confused. What other business is there to settle?

Rif drinks a potion of reduce person and is able to follow Vayol and D’Jango into the crevice. As they travel deeper, the opening above them disappears and it turns into a narrow cave. The the box that Vayol had been asked to safeguard is sitting on the ground, open and empty. Vayol takes the box. They notice streaks of dried blood on the walls, then wisps of smoke and a glimmer of light up ahead. Falco is sitting on the floor in an opening. He looks injured and weak, but he is armed with a rapier and has a glowing rock in his hand.

Falco heard them coming. The group demands to know what the rock is, assuming it came from the box. Falco insists it’s not whatever they’re after; he’s had it for months. Vayol recognizes it as a Sending Stone. The persistent glow is unusual though. He claims he’s called for “reinforcements,” and they’ll be arriving on a couple of hours. He continues:

How much was that contract worth, D’Jango? 1500? That paralyzing poison cost me more. And Tessa Welker wasn’t running a charity either. Look at me. I’m your friend. Everything I’ve done was to keep you alive and safe. That trinket wasn’t part of the deal anyway. Go on and finish the job like I taught you.

The group presses him for information. Falco shares that he dueled Jerrosh after his crew was slain but that the dragonborn didn’t keep up his end of the bargain. While they were dueling, kobolds ransacked his ship. It was at that point that they grabbed the relic. So Jerrosh has it, he claims.

He directs his answers to D’Jango. He expresses pride in D’Jango’s previous professionalism, keeping the secret job a secret during their journey to Potterstead, but he’s clearly disappointed that D’Jango seems to be taking cues from Vayol instead of asserting himself. “What happened to you? You taking orders from this choir boy now?”

The group is skeptical of Falco’s story. They want to frisk him to search for the relic, but he won’t let them get close. “How do I know you won’t just drag me out there to your new friend?” He disrobes and lets the group search his clothes. This reveals some pretty bad cuts on his upper body. “As a professional courtesy, I’ll tell you, you probably shouldn’t be here with my reinforcements arrive.”

The group debates about what to do. Take Falco’s sending stone? Heal him so he can duel Jerrosh again? Leave him here to be rescued and engage Jerrosh themselves for the relic?

Session 9
Enemy of My Enemy

Soberday, 1844 Rain 13th

The dragonborn has returned, and this time he brought friends! (By the way, the Vawaryn’s yacht is called the Dreamer’s Wake. Yes, I know that sounds pretentious. It’s supposed to.)

The kobolds toss ropes with hooks at the Dreamer’s Wake and begin reeling themselves in. The first mate slices the ropes, but the kobolds throw more. Meanwhile, the dragonborn boards and critically hits Rif. Up close, it’s clear he’s missing an eye. He’s also attacking very recklessly. Vayol hands Rif a potion, and she withdraws to drink it. Then Vayol stabs at the dragonborn, which he seems to resist, but it gets his attention. D’Jango fails at comedy (i.e. Tasha’s hideous laughter) but succeeds at driving the dragonborn away with dissonant whispers. The dragonborn dives into the water.

Meanwhile, the first mate is doing his best to fend off the kobolds on his own. He takes a slash across the gut but mostly repels their coordinated attack. Each party member fells at least one kobold with bow or crossbow. The last one tries to flee and is shot through the heart by Rif.

A noise from the bottom of the ship suggests that the rudder has been disabled, limiting maneuverability. With a sandbar ahead, the first mate gives the instructions to stow the sails, drop anchor, and bring the ship to a stop.

After a deafening calm that stretches into minutes, the dragonborn emerges from the water about 150 feet off the starboard side and attempts to parley. He first offers to duel anyone on board, with the winner deciding the fate of the vessel. When that is declined, he asks for a counter-offer.

D’Jango tries to offer him whale oil and convincingly presents it as a magical salve that will increase his strength. The dragonborn dismisses the offer, gesturing to the “graveyard” of ships around him as a sign of his strength. He counters, asking what valuables are on board that they might offer to him and his master in exchange for safe passage. D’Jango offers to spread word of his fearsome reputation, asking for his name (which he gives: Jerrosh Undaz) and that of his master (which he refuses to say).

There’s some kind of weird honor thing going on with Jerrosh. He’s taken part of his master’s name as his own, but he was recently “shamed” when another halfling took his eye and got away from him, so he doesn’t want to share that shame with his master by uttering the master’s full name. D’Jango concludes this other halfling must be Falco, the guy they’re chasing. He asks Jerrosh if revenge is more important than wealth, to which Jerrosh replies, “For a time.”

Session 8
Not THAT kind of Dragonborn

Soberday, 1844 Rain 13th

The ship nears the opening into Potter’s Cove. The first mate is pretty sure that’s where the danger lurks.

D’Jango and Vayol speak with the ship’s engineer to learn about the ship’s maximum speed. D’Jango also gets a bit of whale oil in several bottles he finds. Then he climbs to the top of the main mast to look for danger.

Vayol checks on Valuar. He uses detect poison and disease to determine that Veluar does indeed have a disease, but is appears to be magical in nature and beyond his ability to identify. Veluar, though weak, agrees with Vayol that the disease is related to him sealing the cave back in Potterstead.

Based on evidence of poison in the bodies pulled from the water, Vayol patrols the ship, continually casting detect poison and disease as a ritual. He detects something beneath the ship—a humanoid as revealed by his spell—and is able to warn the others before it attacks. Vayol channels divinity to tap into the vast knowledge of the Vigilant Eye in matters of nature. He also prepares to attack with his crossbow when he has a clear shot.

A greenish dragonborn with several different weapons emerges from the water and immediately takes a critical hit from Vayol’s crossbow. It claws its way up the side of the hull and responds by throwing a spear into Vayol’s arm. D’Jango peppers it with vicious mockery from the top of the main mast. The shipmaster retrieves his saber from the cabin. Rif emerges from the lower decks.

Based on his divine knowledge of the dragonborn’s poison cone breath weapon, Vayol instructs the others not to clump together. Possessing poison resistance himself, he drops his crossbow and charges into melee, but his mace just bounces off the dragonborn’s thick hide. It tries and fails to push him over the side, then begins climbing the rigging on the foremast. D’Jango flings another vicious mockery and maintains his elevated position. The shipmaster pursues the dragonborn up the rigging with saber in hand, and Rif shoots it with an icy chromatic orb.

Vayol retrieves his crossbow. The dragonborn slices through the taut rigging, catapulting himself upward and sending the shipmaster slamming into the deck. As it rises, it also slices through several of the sail’s anchors, and upon reaching the top of the foremast, it dives off into the water. D’Jango watches for it to surface, and Rif fires another icy chromatic orb into the water, hoping to trap it in ice. She fails, and all is quiet as it disappears into the deep.

The damage to the ship is not disabling, but it does slow them down. The engineer begins repairs immediately with Rif’s help. Vayol resumes his magical patrols, and D’Jango stays perched on top of the main mast. They pass the first outer point of the cove and see several shipwrecks within the shallower waters. Not long after, they spot a single rowboat moving in their direction, waving a white cloth. Vayol gets his detect magic up and asks for the ship to be slowed to come within range.

As the rowboat gets closer, they learn it has six kobolds. From a distance, the party shouts and tries to ascertain what the kobolds want, but their command of Common is somewhat lacking. Vayol, who understands Draconic, picks up a few names: “Jerrosh” and “Undazudrir.” The kobolds claim to be slaves escaping from these two larger “dragonkin.” They come within range of Vayol’s spell, and they are not magical. However, something magical does briefly pass through the spell’s range. Vayol demands to know what that magical thing was, and the kobolds look very frightened. Then a familiar sound: claws against the hull.


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