Tag: Dead


  • Erathar

    * Killed near Potterstead while trying to [[Session 2 | ambush the party]]. * [[:ona | Ona]]'s lover, according to the note [[Session 4 | found]] on his body.

  • Ona Tesh

    Desdemona Tesh was the captain of the [[Potterstead]] town guard. She was hired by the [[:veluar-vawaryn | Veluar Vawaryn]] to clear and protect the nearby cave, which housed a magical circle he was studying. However, she ignored his warnings, and the …

  • Edwin Price

    Edwin Price was Iris of [[Baleton]] for nearly 40 years. He had no ambition (and indeed little chance) of becoming High Pupil, but he fulfilled his duties as Grand Librarian faithfully. His crowning accomplishment as Iris was largely invisible to the …