House Rules

The DM will record anything that deviates from the published rules here.



  • Heavy Armor Master: If your heavy armor is magical, the damage reduction applies to magical weapon damage also.
  • Lucky: Renamed to “Fortunate” so it doesn’t have the same name as the Halfling racial feature.

Variant: More Difficult Identification (DMG p.136)

You cannot identify the properties of a magic item by simply focusing on it during a short rest. You must use the identify spell or experiment with the item.


  • Generally, you’re allowed to modify your character in any way that would not have impacted the outcome of prior events. For example, if you have a 12 in one ability and a 13 in another (both yield a +1 modifier), it’s fine to swap them right before you bump that 13 up to a 14 (+2). Similarly, if you chose to be proficient with a skill but have never used it, you can drop it and pick up proficiency in another skill that would’ve been granted by your background or class.
  • If you’d like to make changes that would have impacted prior events or aren’t sure, talk to the DM.

House Rules

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