A Relic of the Past

Session 34
A New Deal

Almsday, 1844 Wind 7

Peaceday, 1844 Wind 11

  • The party arrives at the cove. All is quiet.
  • The party solicits Salazar to bankroll the dragon’s payments in exchange for a share of the dragon’s horde. Zora insists that he must fight alongside them to earn a share. Vayol lobbies for a well-reasoned agreement. Salazar offers to cover the payments for a year and join the fight, in exchange for 40% of the horde. The party reluctantly agrees.
  • The payment to Undazudrir is left at Potter’s Cove. Salazar has the platinum for it on-hand! D’Jango attunes the Rod of Dowsing to one of the platinum pieces so they can find it later.
  • The party sails on toward Potterstead to hopefully get Elias some magical treatment. They see a few winged kobolds descend on the place where they left the treasure.

Almsday, 1844 Wind 14

  • Elias begins waking people in the middle of the night and gibbering at them. He seems earnest and almost panicked, as if whatever he’s saying is vitally important. However, no one can understand a word of his ramblings.

Truesday, 1844 Wind 16

  • The party arrives in Potterstead. The shipmaster is headed back to Baleton but agrees to stay docked for up to a week in exchange for 50gp if they intend to return with him. They pay him.
  • It is late in the evening, but even so, the mood of the town has changed. A pack of wild dogs runs through the street. Shutters are closed tight. Lights are doused.
  • The Vawaryn summer home has been vandalized. Broken windows, missing valuables, and the staff is nowhere to be found. Other buildings around town share this fate.
  • They decide to head to the Rolling Leaf Inn.
  • The ban on weapons is no longer enforced, as evidenced by the defaced sign: “NO WEAPONS ALLOWED.” They hear a brawl going on inside. A fight has broken out over a game of chance. No money is on the table, though—only a pile of (likely stolen) items: silverware, brass buttons, a crushed pewter goblet.
  • Tess is standing up on the bar, prepared to defend it from collateral damage. The party decides to enter the fight and end it.
Session 33
Identifying Items on the High Seas

Soberday, 6 Wind 1844

  • The group departs the Osharus Lagoon, heading toward Potter’s Cove to pay off Undazudrir.
  • Vayol spends a few hours identifying all the items they found in the shipwreck:
    • Scroll of Bane
    • Potion of Speed
    • Potion of Frost Giant Strength
    • Potion of Fire Giant Strength
    • Potion of Invulnerability
    • Wand of Lightning Bolts
    • Decanter of endless water
    • Dust of Disappearance
    • Bag of Tricks (Tan)
    • +1 Morphing warhammer
    • “Triumph” (+2 Returning Inspiring Trident)
    • Instrument of the Bards – Canaith Mandolin
  • In addition to these items, they recovered everything from Zora’s contract with the Hand. The payout is worth a total of 1800gp, 10% of which will go to the shipmaster who is carting them around.

Almsday, 7 Wind 1844

  • Elias is getting worse. He’s developed new orifices and additional eyes, his flesh is beginning to deform, and he’s losing control over it. Vayol casts Feign Death as a ritual continuously during his waking hours to slow the progression of the disease.
  • Zora discovers a bounty poster on the ship featuring her. The reward is 1000gp, delivered dead or alive to Dabokva. She steals it so no one else will see. However, she does reveal this to D’Jango.
  • The party begins strategizing for their eventual confrontation with Undazudrir. They intend to acquire antitoxin to defend against its poison attacks and to counter the dragon’s flight advantage, perhaps by using their newly acquired potions to wrestle the dragon and pin its wings.
Session 32
The Osharus Lagoon, Part 4

Soberday, 6 Wind 1844

  • The party slinks down to the floor and begins quietly making their way across the room toward the kuo-toa priestess. She is so engrossed in her work that she doesn’t notice them. Zora and D’Jango make good progress, but Vayol must go slowly to avoid notice.
  • As they get closer, Zora notices a prisoner chained to the wall and gagged. D’Jango tries to convince Zora that they should rescue this prisoner. The prisoner makes eye contact and shifts his position to make his signet ring visible. That convinces Zora.
  • Zora sneaks over to the prisoner and frees him. He introduces himself as Salazar Augosto. He’s unarmed, but his gear is across the room.
  • Zora, guided by the Rod of Dowsing, climbs up the edge to the platform where the priestess is painting. Failing a Stealth check, the priestess is alerted to their presence.
  • D’Jango—winning initiative—quickly casts a major illusion of a squad of soldiers to try to stall. “You’re outnumbered. We’re just here for the prisoner. Don’t make any sudden movements.”
  • The priestess croaks a reply, “Are you the ones who have been giving my firstborn trouble?” She glares skeptically at the soldiers.
  • Zora sneaks closer, gnabbing the items on the table, including a silver pendant to which the Rod was attuned. Then she readies an attack on the priestess.
  • Vayol remains ready to attack. Salazar quickly sneaks past the illusion, retrieves his gear, and loads his crossbow.
  • D’Jango drops the illusion and casts phantasmal force, creating the illusion of sea snakes crawling over and biting the priestess’s legs. The Priestess writes in pain.
  • The Priestess sees through the illusion and summons a vortex of spirit guardians that tear at anyone close to her. Zora shrugs it off. The chamber also begins to flood.
  • The party begins to lay into the priestess. Vayol’s guiding bolt and D’Jango’s faerie fire both fail to connect. Salazar fires his crossbow with expert precision. Zora unleashes her fury of attacks.
  • The battle rages on, with the party working their way toward the door and trying to stay on top of the stone columns.
  • Finally, Salazar lands a sneak attack, and Zora lands three critical hits in one turn. The priestess is thoroughly filleted.
  • The chamber continues to flood. D’Jango hands Salazar a potion of waterbreathing and the party follows the marks he left on the walls to safety.
Session 31
The Osharus Lagoon, Part 3

Soberday, 1844 Wind 6

  • After scraping through the last of the shipwreck, the party, guided by the rod of dowsing, makes their way into the underwater cave system.
  • Thinking it wise to refresh their waterbreathing by drinking another potion apiece, they turn back only to encounter their kuo-toa fan club.
  • The underwater fight is taxing, but the party scrapes through, finally killing Mr. Shocky-Fists.
  • They surface, rest, down a potion each, and dive back down to the cave.
  • Inside the cave is surreal — the narrow underwater tunnel ends abruptly with a vertical “surface” of water. Bubbles of breathable air fill entire chambers of the cavern. Some chambers include collected salvage of human gear by the kuo-toa. They find a couple more items, following a series of tunnels and chambers of both air and water.
  • D’Jango makes a few markings on the walls as they go deeper, intending to use them to find the way out.
  • Following the tug of the rod of dowsing, the party enters a vast air-filled chamber, elaborately decorated with tapestries on the walls but flotsam lying in shallow pools on the floor. Columns of stone of varying heights dot the room.
  • A kuo-toa archpriest is across the room on a raised platform… painting a still-life and humming to itself. Two parts of the still-life are the silver urn and the vial of black liquid — the most expensive items from the contract. The painter hasn’t noticed them yet.
Session 30
The Osharus Lagoon, Part 2

Soberday, 1844 Wind 6

  • During a short rest, Zora listens to the music produced by the clockwork canary. Bits of a memory come flooding back… a child’s bedroom, some toys strewn about, a forgotten brother, and this contraption sitting on a shelf.
  • After resting, the party fends off another attack from the kuo-toa. They kill one of the smaller ones. The sun peeks through the clouds, and the kuo-toa retreat. The bigger one with the shocking fists gets away again.
  • Everyone in the party drinks a potion of waterbreathing, and they dive to where the rear of the vessel has sunk.
  • They search through the wreck and manage to find a number of magical items.
Session 29
The Osharus Lagoon, Part 1

Loneday, 1844 Wind 1

  • The party decides to make their way to Potter’s Cove to pay off the green dragon Undazudrir, who demanded payment on the 14th. However, they have much more ambitious plans.
  • That evening, D’Jango secures a new contract from the Hand of the Halfling. The goal is twofold. First, it’s an opportunity for Zora to try out for the Hand on a supervised contract. Beyond that, one reward for the contract is a magical “dowsing rod” capable of tracking attuned objects. This could be attuned to a coin in their payment to the dragon and activated to locate his hoard.
  • The anonymous contract is to explore a decade-old shipwreck within the Osharus Lagoon. The lagoon is centered in a much larger bay to the south that is largely avoided. It’s out of the way and offers only trouble for travelers. The contract includes up-front payment of 4 potions of waterbreathing, plus there are 4 specific items sought, each with its own price:
    • Book discussing manners and etiquette (100gp)
    • Clockwork canary (300 gp)
    • Silver urn (600 gp)
    • Vial of black liquid (800 gp)
  • D’Jango is also able to secure passage to and from the lagoon in exchange for a 10% cut of the job’s take.
  • D’Jango and Vayol research the lagoon, via rumors and publications respectively. They determine that a school of kuo-toa occupies the lagoon. They also learn that kuo-toa are amphibious, light-sensitive humanoids known for their keen perception, territorial tendencies, and invented cults.
  • They’re also bringing the chaos-infected Elias with them, with the goal of curing him by exposing him to the magical aura in the cave near Potterstead.

Truesday, 1844 Wind 2 through Fastday, Wind 5

  • Sailing. Favorable winds.
  • Vayol spends much of the voyage alone, contemplating the fissure within his church.
  • During the journey, the party members spot the silhouette of a winged kobold flying high above their ship, likely a scout from the dragon.

Soberday, 1844 Wind 6

  • The party arrives a day earlier than expected. The sky is overcast.
  • The dowsing rod tugs gently toward a rotting mast emerging from the water. The larger ship anchors away from the lagoon and the party takes a dinghy to a small rocky island near the wreck.
  • Two kuo-toa attack the dinghy, intending to capsize it. But the party members react first and leap (or are thrown) from the vessel.
  • Zora beheads the smaller kuo-toa in a single swing. The larger one gets in a few good hits (and takes a few too) before fleeing into the depths.
  • The bow of the ship is sunk in fairly shallow water. The stern, it seems, broke off and sank deeper. The dowsing rod tugs toward the deeper water.
  • D’Jango suits up with a few magical effects (ring of swimming, potion of waterbreathing, goggles of darkvision, invisibility) and explores the bow of the ship. He finds a few valuables and one of the items on the contract: the clockwork canary.
  • Zora’s been carrying around a key for as long as she can remember. It fits the clockwork mechanism…
Session 28

Loneday, 1844 Wind 1

  • The party jumps the three Roathians. Vayol hits two of them with hold person. They gang up on the other one and drop him pretty quickly, then turning their attention to the others.
  • Once they break free from the spell, the Roathians quickly surrender. With their friend bleeding out, they attempt to parley. Vayol stabilizes him but doesn’t heal until he gets some answers.
  • The Roathians agree to take them to see their leader in the sewers of Baleton.
  • Turns out their leader is Vertaelie Aurovoron. She speaks through a magical mirror attached to an automaton. She explains that the Supreme Library is in the Far Realms and she has seen Ixuum there. The knowledge Adrian Roathe was suppressing threatens the world. Once revealed, it cannot be hidden, and it opens the gateway for Ixuum to come there.
  • She also explains that she can see usages of Void Stones from the Far Realms and track their location, which is how the Roathians found the party in the forest.
  • She asks the party to stop the Beacons of Ixuum from discovering what the Roathians have been protecting for centuries.
  • The Roathians cannot help Elias, who is still stricken with severe Chaos wounds. He will likely die within a few weeks if a cure is not administered.
  • One of the Roathians agrees to train Zora’s wolf.
  • Vayol has a private meeting with Iris Sebastian Rothschild.
Session 27
The Accidental Trap

Loneday, 1844 Wind 1

Zora is briefly affected by the gibbering mouthers’ blinding spittle and madness-inducing gibbering, but she slays two of the creatures. D’Jango snaps Veluar out of his stupor, who then responds with a rather fortuitous combination of flaming sphere and rays of frost to lock the slow creatures in one place and burn them up. Vayol rescues Elias, though the young man’s body is practically radiating chaos energy, and he writhes on the ground screaming.

Eventually they finish the mouthers off. Veluar explains that this stone is tied to the same realm in which his daughter was lost so long ago. It’s some kind of beacon, a bridge between the worlds. At the moment, that bridge can only be crossed when willed open by someone holding the Void Stone. However, a stronger link could allow more chaos creatures to spill over into our plane unbidden.

Given that the stone is a sort of beacon, they decide to hide a safe distance away from the experiment site to see if anyone shows up. Before long, three figures in red robes appear and begin investigating. Elias had dropped his notes, which they find. They are also examining the remnants of the magic circle and the corpses of the oozes. These figures’ robes are lined with gold instead of bronze, and the appear to be much more methodical.

The party decides to ambush these Roathians. Veluar stays behind with Elias, who is in no condition to fight or sneak or be left alone. As the party closes in, Zora feels a twig snap underfoot. The Roathians take notice, but it gives an opening for Vayol and D’Jango to act. Vayol hits two of them with hold person. D’Jango fires a crossbow bolt…

Session 26
The Void Stone Experiment

Loneday, 1844 Wind 1

Veluar experiments with the Void Stone. He learns that it’s ancient and part of a larger piece of similar stone. The stone is unfamiliar, probably not from any of the Isles of the Empire. Elias has been taking notes, having been sent by the Iris to assist.

They decide to try to activate the stone in a controlled setting. Veluar sets up a magic circle in a forest clearing. Vayol takes the stone and activates it from within the circle. It summons a gibbering mouther, just as before. Then another. D’Jango and Zora attack, yet the gibbering mouthers appear to be looking to Vayol for orders. When none come and the mouthers are attacked, they move to defend themselves.

Veluar is paralyzed with horror. Vayol retreats to safety, disturbing the magic circle. The mouthers escape the circle, and another one pops in. Eventually Vayol realizes he needs to let go of the stone as one more mouther appears. Elias tries to help but is struck down and nearly consumed by one of the oozes…

Session 25
How To Get A Head (or two)

Almsday, 1833 Rain 28

While Vayol is being inducted to his new office in the Church, D’Jango and Zora decide to ditch and deal with the cursed sword.

A witch named Lavinia tells them they need to either take on an ettin or a dire wolf:

To break attunement will require a fang and claw of lupine dire.
Restoring is a different fee: bring two heads where one should be.

The dire wolf parts will allow him to discard the cursed sword, but both heads of an ettin will restore the blade and allow him to keep it. They opt for the latter and drop 600gp on a dose of Torpor poison—an ingested poison that incapacitates the target—and an entire boar.

A nearby ettin and its pet dire wolf aren’t hard to find. D’Jango and Zora poison the boar carcass and hang it from a tree just outside its lair, hoping the ettin will come out and eat it, easy-peasy. However, the dire wolf comes out to investigate first. Its keen sense of smell makes it difficult to remain hidden. D’Jango’s invisibility only masks his image. Shortly after the fight begins, the ettin emerges also.

Zora is holding her own between the dire wolf and the ettin. Perhaps recalling that ettins are very territorial, D’Jango targets the ettin with phantasmal force of another ettin. The illusion takes hold, enraging the two-headed giant. As the ettin swings wild at the figment, Zora strikes the dire wolf, sending it retreating back into the cave. Then the two gang up on the ettin and slay it with ease.

As they are lamenting the unused poisoned boar, Zora gets the idea to feed the boar to the dire wolf and try to capture it. The plan works, and now they have a very groggy dire wolf. Bringing it into town is a non-starter, so they chain it to a tree outside of town while D’Jango has his cursed sword restored to a +1 rapier.


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