A Relic of the Past

Session 10

Thieves and Liars

Soberday, 1844 Rain 13th

Having struck a deal with Jerrosh, the dragonborn marauder, to bring Falco out of hiding so he can exact revenge, the party rests briefly while the engineer of the Dreamer’s Wake assesses the damage. Most of the crew, especially the engineer, are not pleased with the party making deals with this dragonborn who attacked the ship twice. The delays could cost Veluar his life.

The engineer estimates he can salvage a replacement rudder and steering column from other ships and have the repairs done in about a day. The group will set out with Jerrosh in the morning. They have time to rest and prepare. Rif fetches an item from the cargo hold.

Almsday, 1844 Rain 14th

The next morning, Vayol prepares spells for battle. Jerrosh is waiting on a sandbar, helps the group pull their longboat above the high tide mark, and leads them along the beach. He looks well-rested and well-armed. He is taking a fairly direct route to the crevice where Falco is holed up, which sometimes means cutting through parts of the forest. During one of these shortcuts, the group happens upon a giant spider. It restrains Jerrosh with its webbing, then disappears into the trees above them. Jerrosh breaks out easily and starts shopping down tree branches. The rest of the group draws weapons and prepares to fire when they see it again. Vayol separates from the group slightly, hoping to make himself a target (as he has the best chance to withstand attacks and poisons). While doing this, he instructs Jerrosh to continue bushwhacking toward the clearing ahead. The plan works; the spider drops suddenly from the dense tree canopy onto Vayol, and while Vayol is bitten, he suffers no ill effects from the spider’s poison. Everyone focuses fire on the spider and withdraws up the path Jerrosh makes through the underbrush. Rif’s chromatic orb burns away the tree branches, and the spider drops to the forest floor. D’Jango is distracted by a desire to draw his sword, and his crossbow shots miss their mark. Vayol closes to melee and heals himself, delivering another blow but suffering a second bite. Rif, enlightened by true strike, finishes the vermin off with a critical hit from her longbow.

Jerrosh is embarrassed and angry. Not only has he been rebuffed twice by this group of mostly halflings, he’s now been saved by them. His pace quickens, and he’s even more eager to have his revenge on the one who took his eye, Falco.

They reach the cave, and they see Falco’s ship, the Silvered Crest, has run aground nearby. Jerrosh reminds them, “You bring him out here, I’ll have my revenge, and then we’ll settle our business.” The group is confused. What other business is there to settle?

Rif drinks a potion of reduce person and is able to follow Vayol and D’Jango into the crevice. As they travel deeper, the opening above them disappears and it turns into a narrow cave. The the box that Vayol had been asked to safeguard is sitting on the ground, open and empty. Vayol takes the box. They notice streaks of dried blood on the walls, then wisps of smoke and a glimmer of light up ahead. Falco is sitting on the floor in an opening. He looks injured and weak, but he is armed with a rapier and has a glowing rock in his hand.

Falco heard them coming. The group demands to know what the rock is, assuming it came from the box. Falco insists it’s not whatever they’re after; he’s had it for months. Vayol recognizes it as a Sending Stone. The persistent glow is unusual though. He claims he’s called for “reinforcements,” and they’ll be arriving on a couple of hours. He continues:

How much was that contract worth, D’Jango? 1500? That paralyzing poison cost me more. And Tessa Welker wasn’t running a charity either. Look at me. I’m your friend. Everything I’ve done was to keep you alive and safe. That trinket wasn’t part of the deal anyway. Go on and finish the job like I taught you.

The group presses him for information. Falco shares that he dueled Jerrosh after his crew was slain but that the dragonborn didn’t keep up his end of the bargain. While they were dueling, kobolds ransacked his ship. It was at that point that they grabbed the relic. So Jerrosh has it, he claims.

He directs his answers to D’Jango. He expresses pride in D’Jango’s previous professionalism, keeping the secret job a secret during their journey to Potterstead, but he’s clearly disappointed that D’Jango seems to be taking cues from Vayol instead of asserting himself. “What happened to you? You taking orders from this choir boy now?”

The group is skeptical of Falco’s story. They want to frisk him to search for the relic, but he won’t let them get close. “How do I know you won’t just drag me out there to your new friend?” He disrobes and lets the group search his clothes. This reveals some pretty bad cuts on his upper body. “As a professional courtesy, I’ll tell you, you probably shouldn’t be here with my reinforcements arrive.”

The group debates about what to do. Take Falco’s sending stone? Heal him so he can duel Jerrosh again? Leave him here to be rescued and engage Jerrosh themselves for the relic?


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