A Relic of the Past

Session 8

Not THAT kind of Dragonborn

Soberday, 1844 Rain 13th

The ship nears the opening into Potter’s Cove. The first mate is pretty sure that’s where the danger lurks.

D’Jango and Vayol speak with the ship’s engineer to learn about the ship’s maximum speed. D’Jango also gets a bit of whale oil in several bottles he finds. Then he climbs to the top of the main mast to look for danger.

Vayol checks on Valuar. He uses detect poison and disease to determine that Veluar does indeed have a disease, but is appears to be magical in nature and beyond his ability to identify. Veluar, though weak, agrees with Vayol that the disease is related to him sealing the cave back in Potterstead.

Based on evidence of poison in the bodies pulled from the water, Vayol patrols the ship, continually casting detect poison and disease as a ritual. He detects something beneath the ship—a humanoid as revealed by his spell—and is able to warn the others before it attacks. Vayol channels divinity to tap into the vast knowledge of the Vigilant Eye in matters of nature. He also prepares to attack with his crossbow when he has a clear shot.

A greenish dragonborn with several different weapons emerges from the water and immediately takes a critical hit from Vayol’s crossbow. It claws its way up the side of the hull and responds by throwing a spear into Vayol’s arm. D’Jango peppers it with vicious mockery from the top of the main mast. The shipmaster retrieves his saber from the cabin. Rif emerges from the lower decks.

Based on his divine knowledge of the dragonborn’s poison cone breath weapon, Vayol instructs the others not to clump together. Possessing poison resistance himself, he drops his crossbow and charges into melee, but his mace just bounces off the dragonborn’s thick hide. It tries and fails to push him over the side, then begins climbing the rigging on the foremast. D’Jango flings another vicious mockery and maintains his elevated position. The shipmaster pursues the dragonborn up the rigging with saber in hand, and Rif shoots it with an icy chromatic orb.

Vayol retrieves his crossbow. The dragonborn slices through the taut rigging, catapulting himself upward and sending the shipmaster slamming into the deck. As it rises, it also slices through several of the sail’s anchors, and upon reaching the top of the foremast, it dives off into the water. D’Jango watches for it to surface, and Rif fires another icy chromatic orb into the water, hoping to trap it in ice. She fails, and all is quiet as it disappears into the deep.

The damage to the ship is not disabling, but it does slow them down. The engineer begins repairs immediately with Rif’s help. Vayol resumes his magical patrols, and D’Jango stays perched on top of the main mast. They pass the first outer point of the cove and see several shipwrecks within the shallower waters. Not long after, they spot a single rowboat moving in their direction, waving a white cloth. Vayol gets his detect magic up and asks for the ship to be slowed to come within range.

As the rowboat gets closer, they learn it has six kobolds. From a distance, the party shouts and tries to ascertain what the kobolds want, but their command of Common is somewhat lacking. Vayol, who understands Draconic, picks up a few names: “Jerrosh” and “Undazudrir.” The kobolds claim to be slaves escaping from these two larger “dragonkin.” They come within range of Vayol’s spell, and they are not magical. However, something magical does briefly pass through the spell’s range. Vayol demands to know what that magical thing was, and the kobolds look very frightened. Then a familiar sound: claws against the hull.


Theoremancer Theoremancer

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