A Relic of the Past

Session 17

An Audacious Dying Wish

Truesday, 1844 Rain 23rd

Vawaryn Estate, Baleton

  • Vayol and D’Jango stay with Rif and her family in the guest suites at the family estate.
  • A package arrives at the Vawaryn Estate containing a letter to Vayol:

Brother Falorin,
If this missive reaches you, waste no time mourning my death. The ranks of the Church have been infiltrated by Roathian heretics. No doubt their goal is to bring about a second Great Burning, setting civilization back millennia. I trusted you with their talisman, and your isolation has kept you free from their influence. Now I charge you, by the Axiom, to continue my work of rooting them out and foiling their plans.
However, this must be done from outside the Church. I know not where the loyalties of the other Irises lie, and the High Pupil has been sequestered 20 years now. Exercise wisdom and keep your circle small. Regrettably, in times such as these, Knowledge is most potent in a sea of ignorance. Retrieve the contents of the Library vault before my successor discovers them.
Belief and truth,
Edwin Price, Iris of Baleton
P.S. Hand Contract 86177 is declared completed and paid in full. See enclosed.

  • Also enclosed in the package:
    • Two iron keys bound with a leather strap with a slip of paper encircling them.
      • The paper reads: “Turned in turn, flesh will burn. Jointly spun splits the sun.”
    • A small sack containing 150 platinum pieces.
  • Rif elects to stay with her family for now, given recent events.
  • Vayol plans to head over to the Grand Temple of Baleton to get an idea of where the vault is and what kind of security is in place.
  • D’Jango looks to hire a thief and/or meat shield.

The Bloated Bowel Tavern

  • D’Jango finds exactly what he’s looking for in the mysterious mercenary “Shadow” (Zora). D’Jango offers 25 gp. Zorra counters 30.
  • A half-orc interjects, harassing D’Jango about the job.
  • D’Jango agrees to pay 30 if Zora can deal with the half-orc. She proves herself by easily slaying the half-orc.
    • Seriously, two critical hits in one fight?

Grand Temple Library of Baleton

  • Vayol has been to this library before. He served as a scribe there in his early days and was here recently researching Veluar’s ailment. The ground floor and its upper level are open to the public. The private collection is in the basement. Scribes labor away, and a concierge welcomes Vayol.
  • While he’s there, he does a bit of research on the lesion on his arm, the one he received when he was bit by a gibbering mouther. He learns about a theory of an axiomatic/anarchic dipole running through the planet. The location of the axiomatic pole is known (near Potterstead), and the anarchic pole is believed to be on Pandyssia. The Church of the Vigilant Eye funded two expeditions there, but neither returned.
  • He also lingers a bit too long near the vault and is scrutinized by another cleric Elias.
  • Despite all this, Vayol is able to produce a fairly accurate map of the lower level. He also learns that the security and lighting run off of electricity.

Vawaryn Estate

  • The group decides to try to cut power to the library after dark.
  • Vayol wants to buy supplies.


Funny story: When I introduced Elias, the players thought I was mispronouncing “alias” and doing a particularly terrible job of using an alias.

Session 17
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